Blog 6: Blogs a’ Coming

In reviewing what is happening in this world today I thought I would list some of the future bogs that will appear on this website.  This list is not written in stone, but it has to be more relative to world or U.S. affairs than what is done by the Texas legislature. 

“The Texas governor signs a bill making it illegal to hear sex jokes on campus and not report it.” (Katherine Timpf – National Review Online)   This bill allows law enforcement to jail any campus employee who hears – or even hears about – a joke about sex on college campus and doesn’t report it as a Title IV violation.  The bill states that the government can punish any campus worker with up to six months in jail if he or she “witnesses or receives information”.

We do need to look up the definition of stupidity “Being dull-witted”.  This is even worse than that.  Administering this will have to include so many people that our tuition will increase accordingly.  To get the complete information about this look up the article on the internet.

I hate to come up with anything connected with some logic.  No wonder Congress has an approval rating of 21%.  I cannot understand why the news stations are discussing the 2020 election this early for a group of people with this rating.  In England two months is a long time period.  The Chicago Tribune in 2010 noted that “In the 2008 U.S. presidential race, the candidates spent a total of $1.7 billion, double what was spent in the 2004 race. In the U.K. election, a spending cap of 20 million pounds, about $33 million, was imposed on each of the major parties. Of course, campaigns there are less expensive partly because of a ban on paid radio and TV advertising or any ads on matters of “political or industrial controversy.”  You can tell where the power brokers are in the good “old” USA.

To get back to my original topic some of the future blogs are: (Not in Order)

  • Homelessness -California
  • Homelessness – Some of the Facts
  • Homelessness – Some Solution Options
  • Alternatives to a College Education
  • Social Media -Corrections?
  • The Crisis -Anxiety and Depression
  • Advertising and Consumerism Series
  • Advantages of a Sharing Community
  • How Companies Can Collaborate for Common Good
  • Do we have a Democracy Now?
  • Factors of Sustainability Series
  • Environmental Information Series
  • The Coming Transition and Simplification Period
  • Our Corporate Takeover of Agriculture
  • Agricultural Polluters
  • Restorative Agriculture
  • A New Look at Local Agriculture
  • Soils – A Coming Problem Unless Changes are Made
  • The Medical Profession – Changes Needed
  • Community Planning Series
  • Immigration Options for the Future
  • The World Community Series
  • Lawns -Not in Our Future?
  • Energy – Options for Our Future
  • Social Contributors Needed
  • Political Series – A Satire of the 21 Percenters
  • Affordable Solutions for People in Poverty
  • Trends Series
  • Other topics suggested by readers

These are just a few suggestions for topics.  Any suggestions from readers will be acknowledged.  Pardon the slowness of my replies.  I am 87 years old with trembling fingers.  So far I cannot afford help.

-George Hunt

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