The book, Toward Self Sufficiency – Using Unique Sustainable Community Planning Concepts (Latest Revision), by George Hunt, presently is available online from Amazon. The publisher is Wheelchair Press, Garland Texas and information can be obtained by calling George Hunt at 214-499-4599 or email:

Ignorance of what is happening around us can lead to our downfall and the understanding of different viewpoints is paramount for our society’s survival. In order to understand any new community “concept” the community must reflect more than just architectural and planning designs, but should include social and sustainable information to show how the community can be adaptable for the future. Presently we have many environmental and political problems that has to be recognized and incorporated into the design of communities. The book presents a Pilot Demonstration Project on a 30 acre site that can be used to evaluate the various unique concepts to obtain affordable and sustainable development. Our present form of capitalism is not appropriate for the future of the world because to it is mainly predicated on greed and the pursuit of money. Presently the government of the United States does not recognize the environmental problems that are upon us and this will cause hardships for our future. I am writing this in order to provide our future children a chance to live a life that is much more sustainable than what is available now.